Ready To Get The Results You Deserve?

“The results you deserve may be closer than you think. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the path, you may never get there. ”

What is your goal and WHY is it Important to you?

This is an important aspect of getting results, your health and fitness is like any other aspect of your life, you have your good and bad days, if you have a strong enough WHY then you will be more determined, energetic and motivated to keep going and get off the couch to that next gym session.

(a little tip, write your goal and reason “WHY” somewhere you can see it everyday, this will help motivate you)

Now you have your goal and WHY it is important, what now?

Now you are pumped and ready to go, let’s put that extra energy and motivation to good use.

Here are the key aspects we run through to get you started on an achievable path to success:

Everyone has different lifestyles, careers, commitments and goals, so let’s get planning.

What is your short term goal (1-2months)

It is important to know this but also know realistic timeframes, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by having an unrealistic goal. All good things come to those who wait and training is no different, it may not happen overnight but it will happen.

What is your long term goal (6months +)

This should be a lead on from your short term goal, for example:

  • Short term- train 3 times per week consistently, change nutrition by xyz and start building muscle etc.
  • Long term- train 5 days per week, have caloric intake and protein consumption at a certain level and gain 8kg of muscle etc.

Are there any other barriers holding you back or that have held you back in the past-

This is where you would have anything that can hold you back or stop you from training. From this exercise you will be able to work out which days you have commitments and therefore cannot train, and when you can commit to your training, put this up on the wall with your goal and reasoning “WHY” and you are nearly there.

Previous or current injuries

This is straight forward, you know your body and some of these injuries need to be managed whilst some need to be re-habilitated throughout your sessions.

Occupation and activity level

This gives a good guide as to how much cardio and high intensity work you should incorporate into your workouts and where your caloric intake should be to suit your goals.

With your Nutrition, are you

  • Well informed
  • Know what to do but don’t do it
  • Need assistance

You can make major or minor changes to your nutrition and it can make a major difference, you may be eating all the wrong foods and need to start moving to healthier options or you may be eating healthy options but need to change the serving size to suit your goals.

Whatever the case may be, it can be done all in one hit or incrementally dependant on your goal and your commitment to achieve it.

By now you have everything you need to achieve the results you deserve and for any help on the above factors or to join the most complete system on the market “NEW WAVE” contact the Temple team and we will be in touch.

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(07) 5562 0715

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