“Ever feel like when you walk in the gym and begin your gruelling training regime that you don’t seem to be getting anywhere?  ”

Do you feel like you’re just repeating the same thing over and over again- the same reps, the same amount of sets, the same exercises, the same movement range?  

Do you feel that you’re just getting more and more fatigued in your training that you tend to lose motivation, lose focus, and lose all hope in ever progressing? 

Well, I see your problem here.  

Your training does not seem to incorporate the concept of VARIATION, either in the intensity, volume, range-of-motion… I could go on! Your body has adapted to your current way of training. I can predict that when you first started training, you felt sore, tired and aching all over. But over the course of your training, your body adapted to the stimulus and stress of your training that you became stronger, fitter, more agile, etc. You were in awe of what you were able to achieve but continued doing the same thing…because it worked. Ah-ha! This is where things begin to plateau. And believe it or not, there is an easy way to fix this problem…Periodization

Periodization is a way of planning your training and involves progressively cycling specific phases/blocks of your training, depending on what your goals are. This is a great way to add variation to your training without thinking too much (unless you’re an athlete, then this is a whole new level/type of periodization).  

So how can you phase/block-out each week of your training into weekly blocks? 

Well, first you do not want to get too carried away with your training and head straight to the big-boy weights! You have to build a foundation before you progress there. After all, you have to learn to walk, before you can learn to run, right? Generally speaking each week/block can be divided into these phases: 

  • Anatomical Adaptation – building the foundations of training and exercise, adding stability to your joints and supporting structures. 
  • Muscular Hypertrophy/Progressive Overload – building muscular mass and size, increase storage capacity of muscles.
  • General Strength– increase contractile links in the muscle tissues to be able to lift at a higher intensity…getting strong! 
  • Specific Strength– building strength catered toward the preparation of the body in the range-of-motion of the particular sport or activity. 
  • Active Rest– decreasing the intensity of your training to allow your body to recover. This could also involve working on stability, changing up the tempo/rest time, range-of-motion, etc. 

How can your periodise your training without thinking too much, you ask? Keep a look out of for Part 2 as I will be discussing one Periodization model that will make training easy to track, and lead to the gains you’ve always wanted! 

Stay tuned, folks! 




Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

“Do you ever feel like you are getting nowhere and don’t know why? ”

They say if you do the same thing over and over then you can’t expect a different result, they also say be consistent and the results will come. What do you believe in this scenario?

Both and here is why: 

Let’s put this into perspective from a gym training point of view (but know this is relevant to anything) 

If you go to the gym and do the same thing without planning and tracking your progress, then you can’t expect a different result to the one you are getting. 

If you plan to do the same routine for a period whilst tracking your progress and changing your routine after that period depending on the results you have achieved, then you can be confident that you will make progress and can stick to the process. 

The key here is planning, tracking and analysing over a certain period. 

Click the link below to find out how tracking your workouts will benefit you 


Do you plan what you are doing and log it to see your progress? Let’s delve a little more into this aspect: 

If you are planning without tracking your progress, how do you know if the plan is working? 

Planning will help you create structure (which is very important) but to maximise the benefits then tracking your workouts and analysing the data over a certain period is the way to go, this will tell you where you have hit plateaus, become stronger etc and will shape further programming dependent upon your goal 

Putting it all together: 

There are a few ways to start, either program your own program if you have the know-how, or consult a professional to help you construct a program specified to you and your goals.  

Click the link below to help ask yourself the right questions when setting up your program: 


The planning should include scheduled program reviewing and measuring. For example, every 4 to 8 weeks you would review your program, take measurements specific to your goals and either move to the next phase or continue with the same phase. (this will be dependent on your goals and data captured) 

Make sure you have a good system for tracking and scheduling. 

The days of using spreadsheets are long gone, there are platforms available that will track your data, give you tips and techniques on chosen exercises and allow you to review and analyse.  

Looking for a great, new age platform? Ask the Temple team for access to their all-in-one training and tracking system. 

Using a planned process will make your time in the gym extremely beneficial and you can rest assured you are making the right decisions for you (data doesn’t lie) 

Key takeout’s: 

  • Plan a program to last a specific timeframe (4 to 8 weeks) Seek help if help is required.
  • Collect as much data as you can about yourself (training, nutrition, measurements, steps etc)
  • No more using spreadsheets that actually make things harder. Use an advanced training /tracking system (for access to the Temple platform, see one of the team)
  • Scheduled reviewing (every 4 to 8 weeks) analyse your data and only change your programming to suit your goals 

Need help: 

The Temple team have devised a system that will take care of every aspect of your training including your 24/7 gym membership and personal training for one very affordable price point. 

For further information, click the link below: 


To get started click the link below and fill in your details to secure your spot (the spots are very limited) 


Incline Barbell Bench Press Finish



Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

Bench Press Benefits

The bench press is a tried and tested exercise that is used in any variation of exercise, the bench press has so many benefits and they don’t just relate to body building. 

If you are not utilising a form of bench press in your routine, here are some key factors why: 

Upper body strength: 

The bench press is a compound movement and therefore recruits more than just the Pectoralis muscles, you will see a massive increase in strength by utilising a variation of the bench press. 

Some of the muscles activated throughout this movement are: 

Minor and major Pectoralis are the main movers and are heavily recruited throughout each variation of the bench press. 

Anterior and Lateral Deltoid are heavily recruited throughout the movement and help lead towards a well-rounded shoulder. 

Long, Lateral and Medial Triceps are another heavily recruited muscle group throughout this movement and help to grow the major muscles in your arms, the Triceps. 

The core, lats, traps and rhomboids are all activated throughout this movement and lead to better posture and stance. 

Bone Density: 

A major benefit that you can get from doing bench presses on a regular basis is that it helps to increase the health and strength of your bones. This is because the bench press is considered a weight bearing exercise, and weight bearing exercises have huge bone building benefits. 

Weight bearing exercises such as the Bench Press forces you to hold up an increased amount of weight or pressure with your bones.  

When you do a weight bearing exercise, the extra weight which your bones hold up, which in this case are the bones in your arms, shoulders, chest, and back, forces the cells in your bones to go to work. These cells are known as osteoblasts and they are what are responsible for creating new bone cells and laying them down both on and within your bones.   

Joint Health: 

The Bench Press helps to maintain the health of your cartilage. As you age, the cartilage in between your joints starts to deteriorate and wear down, something that can cause a lack of motion, severe pain, and things like osteoarthritis.  

This is partially due to old age, but it also has to do with a lack of motion. Your cartilage is like a sponge with fluid in it, fluid that nourishes your cartilage and keeps it healthy. There is a problem though, which is that the fluid needs to be replaced on a regular basis in order to keep nourishing your cartilage. Since your cartilage is like a sponge, the nutrient depleted fluid needs to be squeezed out, that is then replaced with brand new nutrient rich fluid. 

If you want to prevent joint issues and cartilage deterioration, then bench presses are for you.   

Pushing Power: 

Pushing power is great for gym workouts as it helps with all kinds of exercises, which in turn makes you stronger and therefore helps you get more results, but the benefits run deeper than just more efficient and beneficial workouts. 

Increased pushing power helps in everyday life, we push an array of things in everyday life, as simple as a shopping trolley through to heavy items. The Bench Press will definitely aid you in these processes. 

Some of the different Bench Press variations include: 

  • Flat Bench Press 

The flat bench tends to build mass over the entire Pec. 

  • Incline Bench Press 

The Incline bench tends to have more of a focus on the upper chest and puts more emphasis on building this portion of the pec.  

  • Decline Bench Press 

The decline bench tends to have more focus on the lower pec and is key to bringing up a lagging lower chest. 

Try these out next time you are in the gym and please ask for assistance if you are unsure of the correct technique. 






Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

Prime Smartstrength Technology (part 2)

“The findings from the study show Prime is not just innovative but also gets you better results.”

R.I.S.E. (Research Institute of Sports Engineering), a 3rd party sports engineering research group recently performed a study on PRIME’s SmartStrength technology.    

Among the findings, the study showed that using PRIME’s SmartStrength technology demonstrated a significant improvement in maximal force output at all angles vs. a non-adjusted resistance curve protocol.

Click the link below to view the entire R.I.S.E. study.    


Does your gym have Prime?

Contact Temple Gym to get started using the future of strength equipment today.    




Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

New Wave Training System Benefits

“Unlock your true potential and get the results you deserve”

We have been through what the system entails and the key features, how are these features going to benefits you and help you get the results you deserve:   

One of the things we wanted to achieve was a system that would look after our clients around the clock, we want to be there for you every step of the way.   

Yes, we are with you when you are at the gym, but what about the rest of the time?   This is where we have come up with features set out to benefit you with solid data and taking out the guesswork.   

  • Are you achieving what you set out to achieve?
  • If so, do you know how you got there, and therefore how you are going to maintain it?
  • If not, what do you feel is holding you back? 

These are all questions we have asked ourselves in the process of building a new and very innovative training system. We have broken down the barriers that may stop the everyday gym goer from getting the results they deserve. 

We know the system has some amazing features like: 

  • Personal training
  • 24hr Gym membership
  • Personalised plans
  • Online training and tracking system

(refer to “welcome to new wave blog” for further information) 

Apart from the amazing features, here are a few of the key reasons you will be successful: 

Education: (knowing how to perform exercises, make healthier choices and why you are doing it) 

Through a personalised journey that will feature personal training, regular check-ins with your Temple trainers and an online training system, you will be educated, supported and guided through a fitness journey that will not only take care of you whilst you are in the gym but we will be with you wherever you go. Questions or queries will be answered daily as we move to a streamlined system which is set out to do one thing, GET YOU RESULTS.  

Accountability and motivation: (through the tough times, we will be there to help and keep you accountable) 

We understand that everyone has busy lifestyles and that sometimes health and fitness takes a back seat, however without your health and fitness, everything else will not be as efficient.  

This is where we come in, to produce guided sessions and regular check-ins to keep you accountable to your goals, with adjustments made as we go along to best increase your chances of success. 

Affordability: (This is a major reason most general gym enthusiasts are not getting the help they rightfully deserve) 

If Personal training was included in your membership, would you take advantage of it to get your best results? 

We believe affordability is a major reason every gym goer is not utilising a Personal trainer and a major reason we see so many people come and go without getting results, because they simply don’t know how and cannot afford it.  

We have come up with a solution that brings education, motivation and accountability to your sessions with a very, very affordable, all-inclusive price point. 




  • 5x PT sessions
  • 24hr gym access
  • Personalised plans
  • Online training and tracking system 
  • Regular check-ins

ENHANCED: $89.95 


  • 3x PT sessions   
  • 24hr gym access   
  • Personalised plans 
  • Online training and tracking system 
  • Regular check-ins 

LIFESTYLE: $64.95 


  • 2x PT sessions   
  • 24hr gym access   
  • Personalised plans   
  • Online training and tracking system 
  • Regular check-ins 

Contact the Temple Team to secure your spot “first release is very limited” 


(07) 5562 0715




Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

Ready To Get The Results You Deserve?

“The results you deserve may be closer than you think. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the path, you may never get there. ”

What is your goal and WHY is it Important to you? 

This is an important aspect of getting results, your health and fitness is like any other aspect of your life, you have your good and bad days, if you have a strong enough WHY then you will be more determined, energetic and motivated to keep going and get off the couch to that next gym session. 

(a little tip, write your goal and reason “WHY” somewhere you can see it everyday, this will help motivate you) 

Now you have your goal and WHY it is important, what now? 

Now you are pumped and ready to go, lets put that extra energy and motivation to good use. 

Here are the key aspects we run through to get you started on an achievable path to success: 

Everyone has different lifestyles, careers, commitments and goals, so lets get planning. 

What is your short term goal (1-2mnths)- 

It is important to know this but also know realistic timeframes, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by having an unrealistic goal. All good things come to those who wait and training is no different, it may not happen overnight but it will happen. 

What is your long term goal (6mnths +)- 

This should be a lead on from your short term goal, for example: 

  • Short term- train 3 times per week consistently, change nutrition by xyz and start building muscle etc.
  • Long term- train 5 days per week, have caloric intake and protein consumption at a certain level and gain 8kg of muscle etc. 

Are there any other barriers holding you back or that have held you back in the past- 

This is where you would have anything that can hold you back or stop you from training. From this exercise you will be able to work out which days you have commitments and therefore cannot train, and when you can commit to your training, put this up on the wall with your goal and reasoning “WHY” and you are nearly there. 

Previous or current injuries 

This is straight forward, you know your body and some of these injuries need to be managed whilst some need to be re-habilitated throughout your sessions. 

Occupation and activity level 

This gives a good guide as to how much cardio and high intensity work you should incorporate into your workouts and where your caloric intake should be to suit your goals. 

With your Nutrition, are you- 

  • Well informed
  • Know what to do but don’t do it
  • Need assistance 

You can make major or minor changes to your nutrition and it can make a major difference, you may be eating all the wrong foods and need to start moving to healthier options or you may be eating healthy options but need to change the serving size to suit your goals. 

Whatever the case may be, it can be done all in one hit or incrementally dependant on your goal and your commitment to achieve it. 

By now you have everything you need to achieve the results you deserve and for any help on the above factors or to join the most complete system on the market “NEW WAVE” contact the Temple team and we will be in touch. 


(07) 5562 0715


WELCOME TO NEW WAVE “Your Complete Training System”


Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

Welcome To New Wave

“Your complete training system”

NEW WAVE TRAINING is an industry first for the fully operational 24hr gym market and something we are very proud to bring and release to our Temple community. 

After looking at a national system that churns and burns Personal Trainers in an industry where the everyday person cannot afford to use them, we have come up with a solution that will not only give you the motivation and push that so many need, but the results you deserve. 

The beauty of this system is the all in-one price point and the personalised service and support. (you will not find a better product on the market or a more affordable way to get your best results) 

Here are the key features: 

Initial one-on-one consultation and periodised plans- 

We need to know your specific goals and WHY this is important to you. With anything you have your good and bad days, knowing you have a plan specified to your goals and knowing WHY you need to achieve them is an important aspect to help you push through those tough times. 

From here we will complete testing, run through the specifics of the system, minimum requirements and you will receive your periodised plan before your first session with your trainer.

Personal Training Sessions- 

When you arrive for your first session and beyond, you will be greeted by your trainer for that session and do your program, your trainer will be there every step of the way to guide, assist and demonstrate the knowhow and knowledge they possess. 

The sessions will have a maximum of 3 people in them and everyone will be working on their own periodised plans, (get ready for results) 

24hr Gym Membership- 

The Temple team will educate you along the way in your sessions and you will have every exercise demonstration you need in the online platform to make the training you do outside of your personal training sessions successful. 

Online Training Platform- 

This system has been 3 years in the making and we are very proud to release this product to our NEW WAVE TRAINING members, you will receive regular updates and exercises as well as a place to track everything. 

The key features of the platform are: 

  • Data tracking- All of your data will be tracked in this one supercharged platform from logging all of your nutrition, exercise routines and steps to give your trainer the correct data to make informed decisions on your programming
  • Exercise library with hundreds of exercises
  • Recipe library with hundreds of healthy recipes in all different Kj ranges
  • Access to your trainers and the Temple team with a messenger system 
  • Newsfeed with regular vlogs, blogs and exercise videos 

Regular Check-ins with your trainer- 

We will have you check-in officially check in with your trainer every 6 weeks to run through and adjust your programming accordingly. 

Your data being tracked in the online platform with ensure our trainers will pick up any patterns or trends that may be inhibiting you so they make the best possible decision for you to achieve your goals. 


The package options available are:  

(please note these packages include all of the above features) 

Performance membership- Everything included and 5 PT sessions $134.95 

Enhanced membership- Everything included and 3 PT sessions $89.95 

Lifestyle membership- Everything included and 2 PT sessions $64.95 

The first release is now open for sign ups and there are limited spots, contact the Temple team to find out more and book your spot. 





Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

Compound Your Compounds

“How to maximise your time in the gym for maximum results”

Time is becoming more and more precious for a lot of people, as a gym owner I see all too often people giving up on their health and fitness due to work or other general commitments.

How can we maximise our time whilst in the gym for maximum results?

The frequency of these exercises is dependant upon your desired goal but should definitely still be incorporated to some extent whether you are looking to lose bodyfat, increase muscle, increase strength or for general fitness.


If you could only do one exercise to give you the most benefits and maximum effect, it would be the Deadlift, this exercise uses more muscles than any other exercise and will improve day to day functionality.


Obviously, squats build strong legs which help support the entire body. But they also create an anabolic environment which promotes body wide muscle growth.

Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press:

A staple of every chest workout is the barbell or dumbbell bench press and in some cases both. They are the most effective exercises for building the chest through maximum engagement and recruit such muscles as the anterior delts, triceps and upper back.

Barbell Row:

The bent over barbell row is a great row variation and promotes great upper back muscle growth as well as recruiting the core and biceps.

Other variations include the seated row, one arm dumbbell row, cable row which are the main ones.

Pull up:

The pull up is a staple exercise for any back or pull exercise routine, this exercise promotes an all over back workout as well as recruiting such muscles as the biceps and core.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

With the dumbbell shoulder press, you are forced to move each weight separately, starting out this may be uncomfortable if you have imbalances, so its important to start light and focus on the technique first.

You are primarily using your stabilizer muscles, and through continuous exercise will improve balance and control of the upper arms and shoulders.

If time is of the essence, make sure to work your compound exercises as mentioned above before your accessories. This will provide maximum results for total health and fitness improvements.

Memberships at Temple Gym



Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

The Benefits Of Tracking Your Workouts

“Here are some key benefits and how you can get started”

When tracking body, health and fitness metrics, the data helps to identify trends which helps you correctly adjust your activity and diet to more efficiently meet your goals, no matter what your desired goal may be.

This data extends beyond pure body composition as this data can help you or your health care professional see serious health issues that may arise from obesity levels, high blood pressure or diabetes.   


So what are some of the general benefits of health and fitness tracking:  

  • Measure your progress
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your exercise regime and diet
  • Sustain motivation
  • Form healthy habits
  • Understand how your lifestyle choices are affecting you
  • Make informed decisions about what to do next
  • Learn about your body and focus on methods that work for you  


One of the key benefits in collecting your health and fitness data is that it allows you to see your progress against your former self (this is very hard to do or know without tracking the data)  

  • What weight were you last year? 
  • How much could you squat six months ago? 
  • Has your strength increased since adding a new exercise or changing your regime? 
  • You can only answer questions like these by collecting activity and diet logs, along with body metrics. 

You can remove the guesswork by using a tracking tool like the “Temple Gym online platform” (coming soon) or keeping a simple journal so there’s nowhere to hide. Is your current routine effective? If you’re not tracking changes then it’s difficult to understand if you’re progressing towards your goals. Physical development is incremental and can be hard to spot on a day-to-day basis. Fitness logs give you an easy way of jumping back in time and comparing yourself to today.  

You will build motivation as you can actually see the progress and you’re aware of how far you’ve come by looking through your logs, this really helps to keep you motivated and feel that the hard work is paying off.  

Another major component of this is being realistic as to how long the desired goal will take, if your goal is to lose 50kg or put on 15kg of muscle, it wont happen overnight but with a realistic timeframe and correct regime it will happen.  

Regularly making the same choices is habit forming and reinforces this action in your life until it becomes second nature. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and there will be tough times ahead, just keep going and remember WHY you are doing this. 

What works for one person may not work for another, there are so many factors from the basics like: 

  • Your caloric intake
  • How often you workout
  • Your activity levels
  • Desired goal 

Then variables that also effect this on less of a scale are: 

  • Intensity of training 
  • Exercises you choose
  • Rest between sets 

When you track everything you will see trends, areas for improvement and if the original plan you chose to go with was too audacious, not enough or a good fit for you. (a program you can adhere to is the correct program, if you cant adhere to a program 100% then don’t do it and scale it as you go along) 

With this data you will have all of the tools to make informed decisions and take control of your health and fitness journey in a sustainable manor. 

How do I get started? 

Temple Gym have an advanced online platform with Exercise, nutrition, measurement and photo tracking as well as healthy recipe options, how to do hundreds of exercises, workout videos and extremely knowledgeable trainers to show, help and guide you to your desired goals. 

Contact the Temple Team to book your complimentary consultation. 

You will not be disappointed. 




Dan Keegan | Owner Temple Gym

24th January 2019

Rooftop Training Advantage

“There are more advantages to outdoor training than you may think ”

We all know that exercise increases mental and physical health, it seems a simple change in location could exponentially increase those benefits.

Here are a few key factors that will improve by training on the Temple rooftop:

1. Improved Mood and Reduced Depression

Outdoor exercise provides a mental health boost beyond that of being indoors. Moving outdoors has been shown to reduce anger and depression and improve mood. Exposure to sunlight enhances vitamin D production, which may be partially responsible for this mood-enhancing effect.

2. Enhanced Self-esteem

Outdoor exercise can improve self-esteem, any low- to moderate-intensity activity/exercise shows the greatest improvements in self-esteem. A regular dose of outdoor activity/exercise can help boost the already powerful esteem-enhancing effect of exercise.

3. Make the commitment and get started

Don’t let the prospect of outdoor activity scare you.

If you’re new to exercise or just getting back into it, start with short exercise sessions with lighter intensity and you will work up to a higher level fairly quickly. Whether it’s completing a circuit workout on the rooftop or a light weight session, any movement counts.

All you have to do it get started and reap the benefits.

For a tour of a private outdoor training area that has all of your training needs, contact the Temple Team and organise a personal tour of the facility.

Email: info@templegym.com.au

Ph: (07) 5562 0715