Personal Training and Packages

Expectations and benefits

What you can expect from Personal training:

Our team of trainers are well equipped to provide you with a level of service and care that not only gets you results but educates you to understand the reasoning behind what you have agreed to achieve with your trainer.

Why you would use a Personal trainer:

A Personal trainer can be used for many different reasons, here are a few reasons why-

  • You are new to the gym and would like some help, support and guidance
  • You have hit a plateau and need that extra push & motivation to reach your desired goals
  • To improve your technique and break strength barriers
  • Need someone to push you that extra bit to get the most out of your sessions
  • You would like to be held accountable to achieve your goals

The Temple Personal training difference:

We believe everyone has the right to Personal training and if everyone was utilising Personal training, the world would be a more efficient, more effective, healthier place. Therefore, we now have an affordable way for our Temple community to not only get their desired outcome but maintain it in a healthy, happy environment.

Whether you are looking for a Private one on one experience or semi-private small group experience we have you covered.

NEW WAVE “your complete training system”

NEW WAVE TRAINING is an industry first for the fully operational 24hr gym market and something we are very proud to bring and release to our Temple community.

Here are the key features: 

Initial one-on-one consultation and periodised plans- 

We need to know your specific goals and WHY this is important to you. With anything you have your good and bad days, knowing you have a plan specified to your goals and knowing WHY you need to achieve them is an important aspect to help you push through those tough times. 

From here we will complete testing, run through the specifics of the system, minimum requirements and you will receive your periodised plan before your first session with your trainer (within a 24hr period?) 

The plan you receive will be done with your personal trainer and beyond (dependant on how many days you have committed to train) 

Personal Training Sessions- 

When you arrive for your first session and beyond, you will be greeted by your trainer for that session and do your program, your trainer will be there every step of the way to guide, assist and demonstrate the knowhow and knowledge they possess. 

The sessions will have a maximum of 3 people in them and everyone will be working on their own periodised plans, (get ready for results) 

24hr Gym Membership- 

The Temple team will educate you along the way in your sessions and you will have every exercise demonstration you need in the online platform to make the training you do outside of your personal training sessions successful. 

Online Training Platform- 

This system has been 3 years in the making and we are very proud to release this product to our NEW WAVE TRAINING members, you will receive regular updates and routines as well as a place to track everything. 

The key features are: 

  • Data tracking- All of your data will be tracked in this one supercharged platform from logging all of your nutrition, exercise routines and steps to give your trainer the correct data to make informed decisions on your programming 
  • Exercise library with hundreds of exercises 
  • Recipe library with hundreds of healthy recipes in all different Kj ranges 
  • Access to your trainers and the Temple team with a messenger system  
  • Newsfeed with regular vlogs, blogs and exercise videos 

Regular Check-ins with your trainer- 

We will have you check-in officially check in with your trainer every 8 weeks to run through and adjust your programming accordingly. 

Your data being tracked in the online platform with ensure our trainers will pick up any patterns or trends that may be inhibiting you so they make the best possible decision for you to achieve your goals. 

The package options available are: 

  • Lifestyle membership– Everything included and 2 PT sessions $64.95
  • Enhanced membership- Everything included and 3 PT sessions $89.95
  • Performance membership- Everything included and 5 PT sessions $134.95

To sign up to this amazing package, click the link:

 New Wave signup

For further info, please fill in the enquiry form and one of the team will be in-contact to book your complimentary appointment.