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The Backbone Of Your Back Routine

“Which exercises are going to work best for you”

Your back workout can be as easy or hard as you want to make it, the key is preperation as there are so many different variations of similar exercises for back, from lat pull-downs to pull-ups, seated row to bent over row, the list goes on. Lets face it you are not going to do all of them in one workout. 

Which exercises are going to work best for you? 

Today we will run through some of the fundamentals for beginners (pending you are healthy and have no injuries to prevent you from performing these exercises): 


Pull ups are very efficient because each and every single pull up works out your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, grip strength, lats, shoulders, and your core. Don’t get me wrong we are not trying to work all of these muscles but inadvertently they will come into play which means your overall strength and therefore performance in the gym will improve quicker.  

Try assisted pull-ups or using bands to help when starting out, this will ensure form is correct and you are pulling with the correct muscles. 

Bent over row: 

The bent over row is a compound exercise, working many muscle groups. The main muscle group targeted is your back, the lats and rhomboids. Pulling the weight higher to your chest works your upper-back muscles, while pulling the weight closer to your waist works your mid-back muscles. 

Start using a barbell with very minimal weight to ensure the correct technique, once this is correct and you feel comfortable you can start increasing the weight which will give you great shape. 

When starting your back routine ensure these movements are the backbone of your routine and you will engage the majority of your back muscles as well as a vast array of other muscle groups that will fast track your progress should you not be doing these exercises. 

A sample routine for a beginner may be: 

Pull up 3 sets of 10 

Bent over barbell row 3 sets of 12 

Seated cable row 3 sets of 12 

If these exercises are something you cannot perform and need an alternative please contact the Temple team to organise your free consultation 

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