Take Advantage Of Your New Year Motivation

“2019 is upon us, why will this year be different with your health & fitness journey?”

The majority of us start the New Year motivated to take control of our health & fitness journey. Unfortunately for a high % of us, this tends to drop off fairly quickly and the same old habits start to creep back in, but WHY?

Here are some of the common reasons:

  • Lack of planning and knowhow to achieve your goals
  • Inconsistency with days and times which lead to missed sessions
  • Thinking a gym session every 2 days is enough and not changing any activity levels or eating habits.
  • Unrealistic timeframes to achieve your goals, therefore resulting in giving up
  • Don’t know how to do weights so just come to the gym, run on the treadmill, get bored, get no results and quit

These are a few of the basic reasons someone may fail in their attempt to make a permanent change to their health & fitness in 2019.

Let’s talk about how you can make a real difference to your life both physically and mentally in 2019.

Here are 4 key factors to get you started:

  • Make a realistic plan to achieve and maintain your goals
  • Be consistent and don’t give up, if you miss a day here or there it is ok, just don’t make a habit of it and keep striving towards your goals (WHY you started this journey will help keep you on track through the tough times, so make sure your WHY is a strong reason and write it down as a reminder)
  • It doesn’t happen overnight, if you don’t see results straight away doesn’t necessarily mean its not working (having a professional help guide you to a realistic timeframe for your goal which is dependent upon your situation will help you understand this aspect).
  • Your time spent in the gym is not enough if your activity levels are low and you have unhealthy eating habits. Try counting your steps, sounds very basic doesn’t it? But subconsciously you will make more of an effort to move more often. Be aware of your caloric intake and make sure you are exerting more than you are putting in. (the Temple team can help you to see where you are at and how you can take control of your caloric intake)

I hope this helps you to start your 2019 off in the right fashion and please contact us to organise your complimentary consultation.

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