Gaining More With Training Periodization (Part 2)

“In Part 1, we discussed what Periodization was and the types of phases/blocks that you can incorporate into your training plan. As promised, in Part 2, I will be discussing one commonly-used periodization model this is not only easy to follow, but also, requires less thinking to track!”

The Linear Model

This is commonly divided into 4-week blocks (Mesocycles) or phases of training with a linear progression/regression in training intensity. If intensity (weight) increases, there will be a directly (linear) proportional decrease in volume (repetition), and vice versa- when you begin to deload your training (to allow your body to recover).

For a person starting out, they could begin week 1 of 4 with high volume/low intensity training to build the foundations and ‘get used to’ lifting weight. For someone who has been training consistently for a period time, they could begin a moderate volume/moderate intensity to facilitate muscular hypertrophy.

See example table below:

WEEK 1Anatomical A. WEEK 2 Hypertrophy WEEK 3 Hypertrophy WEEK 4 General Strength
Sets Reps Weight Sets Reps Weight Sets Reps Weight Sets Reps Weight
A1 Bb Back Squat 3 15 50 kg 4 12 55 kg 4 10 60 kg 4 6 70 kg
B1 Bench Press 3 15 40 kg 4 12 45 kg 4 10 50 kg 4 6 60 kg
C1 Sumo Deadlift 3 15 60 kg 4 12 65 kg 4 10 70 kg 4 6 80 kg
D1 Cable Row 3 15 30kg 4 12 35kg 4 10 40kg 4 6 50kg
E1 Barbell Overhead Press 3 15 40 kg 4 12 45 kg 4 10 50 kg 4 6 60 kg

As you can see in the table, intensity is increasing, while volume is decreasing. This shows a linear relationship between the 2 variables.

Stay tuned for Part 3 as I will be tackling another model that his been proven be numerous studies to be superior over the linear model. Requires more thinking and tracking but is a great way to keep your body guessing

Written by: Lorenzo Pacis

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