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What Makes a Great Trainer

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth.”

Now, I’m not going to take full credit for this quote that struck me hard.

I was going through the Instagram of a long time friend of mine, who also happens to be an Exercise Physiologist/trainer in Sydney. He quoted a man named John Whitmore who said this quote regarding the topic of ‘coaching’:

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth.”

Being in the industry that I am in, along with other Exercise Physiologists (EP), this is where we as EPs can utilise our years of training and education from University to regurgitate what we’ve learnt to those who seek help from our services. As EPs, we are trained to educate, motivate and inspire others to live a healthier and active lifestyle. But there can be a difference between an effective Exercise Professional and Educator, to those who cannot lead those in the right direction.

So what makes a GOOD COACH/TRAINER?

These are the number of qualities that I believe, make an effective trainer:


A coach represents someone who is motivated to help those who seek guidance. They have a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of the key concepts that will help lead their clients on the right direction.


A coach continuously inspires individuals to become the best version of themselves. They remind them of their goals in pursuit of excellence.


A coach is able to apply their knowledge and put it into practice. They are able to provide valid and evidential reasoning behind exercise and its benefits for an individual’s goals.


A coach understands an individual’s strive for excellence and sets themselves accountable for their results and successes in their journey.


Despite the hardship of training and maintaining utmost professionalism, coaches also are able produce, maintain and continue a friendship with their clients in and out of the gym.


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Let me break it down

 First of all lets start by putting things into perspective, the average work life of someone is 15-65, which is 50 years of work, so for instance at 45 you still have 20 years of your work life to go, I know at first thought you may seem you are getting towards the end of your career (and if you are great, but for the average number of people out there this is not the case) or worse you may feel like you are stuck with your career because you are too old and cant change now, rubbish. Stopping for 5 minutes and realising you very well could have 20 years of your working life left (depending on your situation) puts things into perspective for you, do you really want to work for 20 more years unhappy when you could even go to university for 5 years and still have a great 15 year career ahead of you, doing what you want to do. I do realise there are certain careers that may not cater for this but you will be surprised once you look into your options, remember you as the passionate person behind this change and has to be extremely keen, optimistic and be able to take constructive criticism well (always remember from every failure you learn how to be successful)


I see more and more people (baby boomers) joining my gym and getting fit and healthy on their own accord, not because their doctor said so, or they are worried about their weight, its because people are aware these days that exercise can provide a long healthy and prosperous life, when you see 70-80 year olds coming to the gym everyday religiously just reiterates that age is just a number not to mention all the research out there about the major health benefits provided both mentally and physically through exercise


Below is another prime example of a question people may ask themselves which can give them various different answers depending on their position to add value or willingness to learn.


How do I do what I am passionate about when my passion is basketball and I am 45?

This is a great question and one that is not straight forward, but one that you should ask yourself no matter your age. Let me explain further.

In this instance if this is your main passion and you believe you can add value to others then look further into it and ask yourself can I coach a team and add my knowledge to up and coming players, can I develop programs around certain skill sets needed to make an elite level of basketball or nurture young kids to become up and coming players, this may be you, on the other hand if you do not have the skill set to add value, your passion may be your hobby and you need to take up playing in the local competition with your mates. For you there may be a position in the company you work for that you would love and would find passion doing on a regular basis but you would have to study for 2 years to make it happen and you are not prepared to do this or feel you are too old, in this case talk to the appropriate person let them know of your aspirations and goals and strive towards them. (remembering how many years you have left in your work life).


I could talk all day about why people should or shouldn’t do something based on their age and more times than not when you put things into perspective, we talk about why people SHOULD do things. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER GUYS.

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Temple Gym a Place to Worship and Heal

New family owned gym in Varsity Lakes has strategically partnered with exercise physiologists in order to offer a full fitness and rehabilitation centre.

Temple Gym, located at 2 Lake Street, Varsity Lakes recently opened their doors to their new fitness centre, which features a one of a kind rooftop outdoor workout area.

Temple Gym’s owner, Daniel Keegan is thrilled with the alliance and believes the partnership will allow them to service a number of market segments.

“We really wanted to set ourselves apart from our competitors, so when we met Tobias Atkins from Atkins Health, we knew we were on to a good thing.

“Tobias is an extremely passionate exercise physiologist and he has big vision for offering rehabilitation programs for the injured, athletes, those suffering from chronic disease and the elderly.

“On top of all that, he can offer expert personal training programs to individuals and groups, and because he is an Allied Health Professional, his clients may even be eligible for a rebate from Medicare or their private health,” explained Daniel.

Equally as thrilled with the joint venture, Temple Gym’s Exercise Physiologist, Tobias Atkins said that there was a relatively untapped opportunity in the Gold Coast market for his service offering.

“Most gyms offer personal training services, which is great, but an Exercise Physiologist has spent many years at university studying the human body and learning how exercise and diet can heal the body.

“We are recognised health professionals and we work closely with doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners in order to help rehabilitate those with weight problems, sports injuries, regular injuries, people suffering from chronic disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and depression … just to name a few.

“Aside from our specialised rehabilitation services, we offer structured and personalised personal training sessions.

“Temple Gym is really more than just a gym. We’re servicing a wide range of people, from your young to the young at heart, both male and female. We’ve simply got something for everyone,” said Tobias.

Temple Gym is a 24/7 fitness centre decked out with all the latest workout equipment.

Prices start from just $14.95/week, and we also offer discounts for pensioners ($9.95/week) and students ($12.95/week. Secure your membership at www.templegym.com.au or call 5562 0715.

Or come and celebrate the official opening of Temple Gym on Saturday 28th November 2015 at 2 Lake Street, Varsity Lakes. Take a look around our facility and meet our team. There will be heaps of giveaways.