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The New Wave product has started in emphatic fashion with clients following their structure and protocol seeing some amazing results already in the short period that the system has been running.

A few of the key factors to the success of the program is:

The implementation and roll out phase of the product:

This program was specifically designed with the purpose of bringing unrivalled value and results to more people. In a world where personal training can be a little out of reach to obtain the best results, New Wave has been designed to get you those results in a way that is cost effective and therefore more accessible to more people.

Goal setting and Personalised plans

We get to know you and what you are looking to achieve in the initial phase before we even implement a strategy to get you your best results.

A one on one consultation will take place with your trainer to go over exactly what you are looking to achieve, any allergies, injuries, activity level etc. From here your trainer devises a plan to suit your goals and have it ready for you on your platform before you book your first session.

Online tracking system

This is where you will track your workouts, follow your plans, record your nutritional intake and find tips and industry insights.

The platform then allows our trainers to see how you are progressing and any inconsistencies that may need to be addressed

Who is New Wave for:

New Wave is goal specific

Whether you are looking to become a professional athlete or lead a healthier lifestyle, the program will help you achieve it.

Keep in mind our trainers are realists and will provide you with real insights, for example if your goal, timeframe and days allocated to train are not in-line then we will guide and advise you with what you may need to do differently in order to get to your specific goal

Some of the amazing results so far:

Client 1: Looking to build muscle and strength

  Before  After 
Weight  61kg  67kg 
Chest  88cm  89.5cm 
Bicep left  27cm  30cm 
Bicep right  26.5cm  29cm 
Thigh left  49.5cm  53cm 
Thigh right  49cm  51cm 
Bench press 1RM  42kg  84kg 
Deadlift 1RM  32kg  84kg 
Squat 1RM  28kg  112kg 

Client 2: Looking to build muscle and strength

  Before   After 
Weight  60kg  63kg 
Chest  86.5cm  89.5cm 
Bicep left  27cm  27cm 
Bicep right  26cm  26.5cm 
Thigh left  46cm  48.5cm 
Thigh right  47cm  50cm 
Bench press 1RM  42kg  70kg 
Deadlift 1RM  28kg  98kg 
Squat 1RM  21kg  84kg 


If you are getting into training, hit a plateau or want to take your training to the next level then this could be just what you are looking for. 

For further information and pricing, see the link below:

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