Personal Training Membership

$50 per week

This is our all-inclusive membership that includes a 24/7 gym membership, strength & cardio classes, Mat Pilates & Group personal training. 

All members get our training software with individually tailored programs for the group PT sessions written by their PT during their free PT session when signing up. 

This Personal Training membership option is your all in one, high level training membership. Our trainers work with you in 6 weekly blocks with reassessments , testing and re-evaluation to ensure you are on the right track all year round. The tailored programming for individuals in your own app will ensure you get the most out of your time in the gym and have access to your programs and data 24/7.

Your trainer will be there to spot, assist, cue techniques and progress your program as needed. This is how we get real results. Also add in the bonus pilates sessions for clients that choose to access them as another option for their weeks exercise & we have such great value on offer.

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