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Our vision is to be the premier Australian gym for providing knowledge-based fitness training to our members. We aim to pioneer an inclusive, positive and empowering mindset regarding working out and going to the gym.


Providing a friendly, supportive and motivating environment.

We pride ourselves on being a community leader and helping improve lives. In conjunction with the Gold Coast City Council and Varsity Lakes Community Limited, we work to bring an array of sessions and events to the community regularly.


Giving you all the tools you need to succeed

Empowerment is something the Temple Team pride themselves on giving you. When you train with the Temple Team, you find out very quickly they are here to help, encourage, improve and empower you to be more active and healthy.


Advancing the way you train through ongoing enhancements

The Temple Team are always looking to improve our offers and the service to our members; we encourage our staff, trainers and members to provide us with ideas that are outside of the box and further encapsulate our vision.

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