Class membership

$50 per week

The Class Membership is a premium all-inclusive option that includes a 24/7 gym membership, Strength & Cardio classes, Mat Pilates & Group personal training sessions.

All members get our training software with individually tailored programs for the group PT sessions written by their PT during their free PT session when signing up. 

Our class options are fully programmed in training blocks by our Strength & Conditioning coaches which aim to progress your training and meet your training needs.

Strength classes overview

In this 45-minute strength session, the introduction lasts 1-2 minutes and involves the introduction of the trainer, a rundown of the day’s session, and a highlight of the focus for the 6-week phase.

The trainer engages with group members to identify any need for alternative exercises due to injury or inexperience, also outlining progressions and regressions.

The warm-up, lasting 5 minutes, includes light cardio, the RAMP Protocol (Raise, Activate, Mobilise, Potentiate), dynamic stretches to prepare muscles and joints, and light plyometrics.

The core of the session, spanning 30 minutes, emphasizes compound exercises targeting major muscle groups, with 3-4 sets of work at prescribed intensities and rep ranges. A specific example is provided for a Pull Focus Session, including main and accessory exercises.

The subsequent 5-minute core exercise segment incorporates core-strengthening exercises, Farmer’s Carries for core and stability, and the option of introducing a Tabata-style core block.

The cool-down and stretching phase, also 5 minutes, involves active recovery, focusing on muscles worked during strength training, and static stretching to enhance flexibility and reduce muscle tension.

Overall, the session is well-rounded, encompassing various elements for a comprehensive and effective strength training workout.

Cardio classes

In this High-Intensity Cardio Training session lasting approximately 45 minutes, the introduction spans 2 minutes and involves the trainer introduction, a session overview, and discussions with group members to identify alternative exercises for those with injuries or inexperience, along with progressions and regressions.

The 5-minute warm-up comprises light cardio, the RAMP Protocol, dynamic stretches for muscle and joint preparation, and light plyometrics.
The core of the session, lasting 30 minutes, focuses on 2-3 Cardio Circuits employing a Tabata-style approach, characterized by brief, intense exercise intervals followed by short periods of rest. These circuits aim to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance and can be repeated for efficiency.

The 5-minute core exercise segment includes traditional exercises like planks and leg raises, incorporating Farmer’s Carries for core and stability, with an optional Tabata-style core block.

The concluding 5-minute cool-down emphasizes active recovery on a bike or treadmill, focusing on worked muscles, and static stretching to improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension. This structured session provides a comprehensive and efficient high-intensity cardio workout.


A major uplift to this membership is the tailored programming for individuals which they have access to 24/7 in their own app!!!

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