Tips To Sustain Your Fitness Journey

Don’t make the mistake so many others do; create sustainable change with these top tips. 

So many fitness journeys start in January, and unfortunately, many are lucky to last until February. There are many reasons that this can happen and can be avoided. See our tips to get yourself on the right track from the get-go. 

1. Planning is the key to success

Understand WHY you want to make this change?
If you know why you are looking to start a fitness journey (whether it be a common reason like weight loss or a more specific reason like getting into shape to be more active with my kids), this will be what you turn to when times get tough. Please write it down in a commonplace, so you are constantly reminded of what you are GOING to achieve.

Make a commitment with yourself
Say you are signing up to a gym, make sure you set yourself some non-negotiables like:

▪ Attend three sessions per week for eight weeks
▪ Replace one bad meal per day with a healthier option etc

Whatever you feel will be sustainable for that timeframe; if you exceed this, that is fine, but make sure you don’t drop below your commitment. You will find that exercise will become part of your daily routine, and you will then have a sustainable lifestyle change.

Change your mindset
The mind can play funny games, which will be relevant through the early stages of your fitness journey; this is where you NEED to keep going; you will thank yourself later that you did. Remember:

▪ Understand WHY
▪ Make a non-negotiable commitment
▪ Keep a positive mindset and trust the process

If you are unsure, get help
We see it all the time. Someone signs up for the gym and is unsure of what to do. However, they lack the confidence to ask for help and instead lean on referring to online videos. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see, and although doing something is better than nothing, with no purpose or experience, you are limited to what you can achieve (as well as possibly hurting yourself). 

There are always options to help you get started, which can offer you programming suitable to what you want to achieve, correct technique for performing exercises & knowledge on what you are doing and why.

Our New Wave PT membership is an excellent option for a new gym starter. You get personalised plans, personal training sessions for technique evaluation, app access for data tracking, all for one low price with your gym membership included. 

Now that you are personally ready let’s look at step 2 and get you on your journey.

2. Access The Tools To Succeed

A supportive, educational & motivating environment
Being fit & healthy is a lot more than doing a 45-minute session a few times per week, but those sessions do play a significant role in the outcome of your health and fitness. 

Therefore an environment where you feel supported and educated is imperative for long term success. Take Temple Gym into account; our personal training clients have their own app to track their workouts, nutrition, and many other measures outside of their gym workouts, which help their trainers make sure they are heading in the right direction both in the gym and at home. 

We also reprogram every four weeks and test every eight weeks for optimal results. This provides an environment where the client is educated and supported to achieve their goals.

A personalised approach to suit you
What is a personalised approach? This can be construed in many different ways; there is a personalised approach towards 

▪ A fitness goal (a more general approach)
▪ A training style (a more general approach)
▪ An individual’s goals (completely personalised)

Whilst a more general approach may be acceptable, it’s not the best thing for your long term. A lack of personalisation could result in issues in the future, even including injuring yourself. 

Suppose your trainer takes your goals, injuries and queries into account regularly. In that case, you can both lead towards a different direction (if required) quickly and forever build on your health & wellbeing whilst gaining knowledge along the way. This is why we believe an individually personalised approach is best for a client long term, especially if there are multiple goals or any issues you may have.

3. Start making yourself a priority

I hope this helps get you ready to make a sustainable change. For any questions, queries, or to book a complimentary session with a professional, get in contact with us today.

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