The Benefits Of Tracking Your Workouts

“Here are some key benefits and how you can get started”

When tracking body, health and fitness metrics, the data helps to identify trends which helps you correctly adjust your activity and diet to more efficiently meet your goals, no matter what your desired goal may be.

This data extends beyond pure body composition as this data can help you or your health care professional see serious health issues that may arise from obesity levels, high blood pressure or diabetes.

So what are some of the general benefits of health and fitness tracking:

  • Measure your progress
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your exercise regime and diet
  • Sustain motivation
  • Form healthy habits
  • Understand how your lifestyle choices are affecting you
  • Make informed decisions about what to do next
  • Learn about your body and focus on methods that work for you

One of the key benefits in collecting your health and fitness data is that it allows you to see your progress against your former self (this is very hard to do or know without tracking the data)

  • What weight were you last year?
  • How much could you squat six months ago?
  • Has your strength increased since adding a new exercise or changing your regime?
  • You can only answer questions like these by collecting activity and diet logs, along with body metrics.

You can remove the guesswork by using a tracking tool like the “Temple Gym online platform” or keeping a simple journal so there’s nowhere to hide. Is your current routine effective? If you’re not tracking changes then it’s difficult to understand if you’re progressing towards your goals. Physical development is incremental and can be hard to spot on a day-to-day basis. Fitness logs give you an easy way of jumping back in time and comparing yourself to today.

You will build motivation as you can actually see the progress and you’re aware of how far you’ve come by looking through your logs, this really helps to keep you motivated and feel that the hard work is paying off.

Another major component of this is being realistic as to how long the desired goal will take, if your goal is to lose 50kg or put on 15kg of muscle, it wont happen overnight but with a realistic timeframe and correct regime it will happen.

Regularly making the same choices is habit forming and reinforces this action in your life until it becomes second nature. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and there will be tough times ahead, just keep going and remember WHY you are doing this.

What works for one person may not work for another, there are so many factors from the basics like:

  • Your caloric intake
  • How often you workout
  • Your activity levels
  • Desired goal

Then variables that also effect this on less of a scale are:

  • Intensity of training
  • Exercises you choose
  • Rest between sets

When you track everything you will see trends, areas for improvement and if the original plan you chose to go with was too audacious, not enough or a good fit for you. (a program you can adhere to is the correct program, if you cant adhere to a program 100% then don’t do it and scale it as you go along)

With this data you will have all of the tools to make informed decisions and take control of your health and fitness journey in a sustainable manor.

How do I get started?

Temple Gym have an advanced online platform with Exercise, nutrition, measurement and photo tracking as well as healthy recipe options, how to do hundreds of exercises, workout videos and extremely knowledgeable trainers to show, help and guide you to your desired goals.

Contact the Temple Team to book your complimentary consultation.

You will not be disappointed.

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