Muscle Building

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Muscle building for beginners

Once mastering the correct technique and strengthening the communication between mind and muscle, then you are ready to begin building muscle. The neurological system together with lifting technique can be a difficult and complex system to comprehend, however once you are aware of the vast amount of health and lifestyle benefits it can produce, your training will mean all the much more to you.

Now onto lifting… and there are many ways to get bigger, stronger, and fitter. The way that I have found works best for me, is to begin training with a weight that you can comfortably perform 12-15 repetitions to warm up. Then have a go at performing your next 3 working sets at weights conforming of 10, 8, and 6 repetitions, respectively.

During the initial month of training, aim to complete 3 full-body training sessions per week, incorporating squats, deadlifts, and bench press into your routines. Sticking to full body training initially will assist in preparing the body for split muscle group training, and avoid early fatigue. It’s optimal to perform free weight training during this period, to assist in building joint stability and functional body strength… Remember, building the basics will allow you to progress to more difficult exercises. However, without a trainer or training partner this can sometimes be difficult for beginners, therefore machine weights may be more appropriate to assist in building muscle before progressing to free weight training.

Continuing on from this period, you may begin to split your routine to focus on a selected muscle group each session.

Below is an example of what you you can do for your first month of weight training.

(Please remember all movements require the correct technique to avoid injury, I suggest consulting a fitness professional to ensure your technique is good before performing these exercises)

Bench pressShoulder pressBench press
Lat pulldownSeated rowLat pulldown
Bicep curlTricep pulldownBicep curl
Standing calf raiseSeated calf raiseStanding calf raise
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