What Makes A Great Training Program

Especially here on the Gold Coast, the gym and exercise culture as grown, significantly as result of multiple factors – social media being one of the major culprits.

And with the huge influences of Facebook/Instagram models, this led us to invest so much of our waking hour on our phones trying to figure out how to be and look like our so-called ‘idols’. Whatever your motivation is, we all have to start somewhere, right?

For any beginner, amateur of even regular gym/fitness goer, you’re probably asking these questions:

Where do I begin?

As you can see, I’ve only put one question, despite me emphasising the word ‘questions’ above. I believe this is the ONE question you should be asking, regardless of your experience level. I am not going into huge detail but I just want to highlight the 3 KEY POINTS to a GREAT PROGRAM:


Wherever you may be starting, one must comply to the program given to them and consistently adhere to the training you’ve committed to. This goes hand-in-hand with commitment. Without this, you’re not going to be where you would want to be. We all tend to drop off every now and then, which is purely human. The important thing to do is get yourself back up on that horse and continue your journey.


The saying goes, “it’s not all about the quantity that you lift but the quality. Never sacrifice your form over the weight.

Pretty much common sense.

Do not lift a weight that your ego coerces you to lift. Focus on maintaining good form at a light weight/intensity. Not doing so will increase your risk of injury and delay your progress of becoming an Instagram model J. Have a trainer analyse your form/technique to see where you need ‘fixing’.


So you think adding 2 kg to your Squat in a year is good progress? And you think squatting or deadlifting with a rounded back at max weight is good progress? Sticking to the same weight, repetition range, exercises or routine for a long period of time will not increase your progress. Better yet, it will lead you to plateau and halt your progress toward your goal. Add variation to your program, mix up the weights/intensity, change up the repetition/volume, change the order of exercises, vary the tempo at which you execute each repetition of an exercise.

In addition to the these few variation variables, the best way to progress and see results quick is to UNDULATE YOUR PROGRAM.

Unsure of what this is and how this can help you progress…?


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